About Trond Lyngbø

What I Do

I help you integrate search engine optimization with your overall marketing strategy through a combination of SEO on your own site and outside your website/domain (e.g. content marketing, social media). I will get your site more visible on search engines like Google, and make it easier for your customers to find you. I also help you convert website visitors into paying customers, growing your revenues and profit.

How I Do It

Google ranks your website based on a complex set of criteria. Your website ranks on search results depending upon how well you perform on several factors, many of which are outside your website or domain, or sometimes even offline. Here’s what I can help you with:

1. Technical SEO: Advanced coding, website and server configuration, front- and back-end programming

2. SEO Analysis: In-depth evaluation of your search marketing strategy to identify areas with growth potential, pinpoint your technical and content weaknesses, and launch corrective measures to generate business growth.

3. SEO Strategy: Devise goal-focused blueprints with prioritized action steps to help reach your highest potential and achieve the best results.

4. SEO Training: Teach your internal teams and partners about SEO including technical SEO for developers, e-commerce SEO for web shops and custom coaching for different teams to specialized in SEO within their own disciplines.

All SEO training is exclusive to your company and tailored for your unique business goals. If you’re an e-commerce player with millions in revenue who wants help in learning SEO, or want to hire someone that understands the «language of money», then we should work together. I’m your man!

My Experience

I have over 10 years of experience with SEO. I’ve helped many leading Norwegian and international brands to grow their business through SEO.

My expertise spans traditional SEO as well as advanced SEO strategies that integrate content marketing and e-commerce consulting.

As an experienced writer and columnist, I have published over 50 articles about SEO at the industry-leading blog Search Engine Land since 2011.

My search marketing expertise has been internationally recognized and I was featured on Forbes.com among the top SEO specialists worldwide.

In 2015, I was nominated as ‘King of Content – Thought Leader of the Year’ at the leading Content Marketing conference in Norway.

I have spoken at conferences and live events on SEO, e-commerce and business development, and have been a jury member at the biggest Norwegian marketing awards.

Why We Should Work Together

With my background in information technology and web design, I understand the Internet very well.

Having launched my SEO consulting career long before WordPress and other content management systems grew popular, I’m familiar with coding and can dive in deep to assist your developers, take on advanced SEO jobs for large e-commerce sites, design and handle technical configuration of your mobile site, or help with overall planning and strategy for your search marketing.

I bring to the table more than a decade of real-life hands-on experience in tackling crises and challenges as a digital analyst, implementing business strategies that help clients dominate their market.

Although I usually do not offer Google Adwords or paid search advertising as a service, or Google Analytics implementation services on a large scale, I have several highly respected certifications including Google’s for paid search marketing (PPC) and Analytics.

In short, I’m a true hybrid marketer, analyst, and online business consultant.

I offer targeted SEO strategies which help you get the details right, correctly prioritized, and conveyed to your team in a simple and clear fashion that makes it easier for you to implement effectively.

I’m a social geek and over the years, I have mastered the technical stuff to achieve great marketing results for my clients. I can also communicate effectively with company leadership and management boards.

Working with me is not limited to getting a basic SEO checklist to follow. I’m not fond of tossing around industry jargon or sounding impressive. My job is to help you grow your business. That means I aim to get you more customers and make you more sales. I’m here to help YOU cut through the clutter, get things done, and make more money. It’s as simple as that!

I’m honest and upfront. What you see is what you’ll get. No hidden costs. No big or unreal promises and guarantees. I’m obsessed with delivering value to my clients. So if we’re not a great fit together, I might even turn down a chance to work with you.

And in return, I will require you to be motivated and determined to change for the better, not just see SEO as a quick-fix solution for instant results. I work with a carefully handpicked group of highly motivated clients, and my schedule may be fully occupied. But if things go right and we sign a contract, you’ll get complete access to everything I can offer – including the best tools and systems in the industry.

Yes, I’m a little more expensive – but you’ll soon discover that it’s totally worth it.

So if you’re looking for a partner in SEO and are eager to take your business to the next level and reach your highest potential, then send me a message. Tell me a little about yourself, your business, and what your current situation is.